Med4Home Services

Med4Home is a pharmacy with national service of respiratory focused pharmaceuticals, high tech oxygen equipment and related supplies for people with chronic respiratory health conditions.

Billing Medicare & Private Insurance:

Med4Home accepts assignment for all Medicare-covered medication, equipment and supplies provided to our Medicare customers. By accepting assignment, Med4Home accepts, as payment in full, the Medicare allowable amount for all Medicare-covered healthcare services and supplies. Co-payments still apply.

For each Medicare-covered item, Medicare has established an "allowed amount." After you have satisfied the annual Medicare deductible, Medicare pays 80% of the allowed amount for services rendered and equipment provided and you are responsible for the remaining 20%. If you have Medigap or other secondary insurance, the insurance may pay your deductible and co-payment amounts. Please check with your secondary insurer concerning coverage of these amounts.

Home Delivery at No Additional Charge:

Med4Home works directly with your physician to ensure the proper medications are ordered and dispensed directly to your door.

Pharmacists & Respiratory Therapists Available:

We have full-time pharmacists and respiratory therapists to assist you at anytime. Our customer service department calls you monthly for refills.

Call 1-888-810-4506 for assistance or if you have any questions concerning our services.
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